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We have the ability to not only provide you with groundbreaking branding,
but also to understand what your business really needs,
where it needs to go and how to take it there.
All the work processes at the studio are based, first and foremost,
on profound thinking, boundless creativity and a genuine love of the profession.
We are great believers in partnerships and long-term relationships.

Our customers, whom we accompany for many years, are proof of this.

Truly successful branding is branding that stands the test of time
and manages to reinvent itself, time and time again,
without forgetting who it really is.



Scandinavia is different from everything we are familiar with.
A sun gives off no warmth and doesn’t set in the summertime.
Winter that lasts for months when there’s almost no light.
Mesmerizing Northern Lights, snow, kings and mythology.
As remote from Israel as possible.

And there we were, with an awesome Norwegian branding project.

Nordic design made an international name for itself long ago. Its clean lines, simple forms
and organic purity have broken through the frigid borders of Northern Europe and taken over the world.
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland are interconnected by an imaginary design web
that speaks the language of functionality and has taught us that minimalism can be achieved
without sacrificing color, form or thought.

Whenever we make a foray into the international market we discover how much more there is to learn.
Nordic culture and the design that emerged from it speak with simply sophistication. 
When we started working on branding MOKKI, the Norwegian eyeglass brand, we had to set aside
our warm and colorful Israeliness for a moment and study a new aesthetic.

In Norway’s landscapes there is no pomposity or kitsch.

MOKKI is a Norwegian brand that has been in existence for over 25 years,
manufacturing and selling sunglasses and reading glasses at more than 200 drugstores,
fashion shops and international airports.
With the expansion of the company’s operations, rebranding was necessary, including the creation
of a new language and characterization of the various product categories.

It was fascinating work process. The relationship that was forged between the snowy Nordic winter
and the sticky heat of central Tel Aviv opened our minds to faraway worlds and brought
a refreshing cool breeze into the studio.

Faced with the challenge of interesting, original and intelligent branding within the framework of black,
grey and white, we came up with creative solutions. Our choices were made out of the discovery
of this new world, thus creating an international language that connects the Here to and the There.

// Branding the Premium Collection //

// Creating a pattern of delicate snowflakes made by duplicating the new logo,
communicating with the snowy open spaces that we are not familiar with from our local landscape

// Branding the children’s collection – even the colorfulness incorporated in the collection
maintains the tranquility of a quiet and pleasant winter

Our touch reached every corner of MOKKI. From packaging and cases and to lens cleaning cloths,
including branding the display stands at the points of sale.

At the same time, we worked on designing and producing an upscale catalog
that was cast and filmed in Israel by an outstanding crew.

//  Behind the scenes on the day of the photo shoot //

// The 2013 catalog //

The branding of MOKKI has proved successful. The company, which is a fascinating
business success story that has developed and captivated the eyes of the former Vikings,
has also proved to be an awesome, meticulous and goal-oriented client and,
through fruitful and mutual cooperation and dedication, with a tight schedule,
together we conquered the Northern Lights :-)

// The company’s pavilion at an exhibition and fashion show in Oslo //

The company introduced its new branding for the first time in an exhibition in Oslo,
and its premium children’s collections were virtually sold out even before the end of the season.

We are confident that this is just the beginning and are excited to see our hot country
establishing a presence in the polar regions with Made in Israel branding.

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