They say that inspiration is everywhere.
On every street corner, in the shade of every verdant tree.
Sometimes it’s just a sound, or a color that suddenly opens up the world for you.
Sometimes it’s someone you’ve met, or something you heard on the radio on the way to work.

The problem with inspiration is that it escapes very quickly.
One moment it’s there, and then it’s gone.
That’s why it’s important not to lose it.
When you encounter a moment of inspiration, make a note of it.
That way it will remain with you for a long time.
It may even bring you a great idea.

At the Irit Hayon Studio we do a lot to create inspirational brand for you.
The kind that stands out from the crowd.  
That’s different from all the rest.
Time and time again, our creative team manages to produce strong brands that stand the test of time

Take a look around.
Just like that, stop for a moment in the middle of the street and look around.
Look at the people. Around 80% of them are wearing jeans and a shirt.
87% of them are talking on their cell phones.
Some of them are walking.
Some of them are sitting at cafes, on the same chairs, drinking the same latte from the same cups.

Only sometimes, in the middle of this crowd, suddenly someone who looks different passes by.
Someone who makes you turn your head.
Some people just stand out from the crowd.  
They’re the ones who add some color.
They bring a refreshing breeze to the monochromatic and familiar everyday world.

At Irit Hayon Studio we believe that a brand should stand out, attract attention and turn heads.
The Creative Design Department at Irit Hayon Studio creates an original brand for you, one that will make all the difference not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of original marketing understanding.
Everything it takes to make it stand out and not get lost in the crowd.

Sometimes we are so intent on being soloists,
that we forget the power of togetherness.

This need to succeed on our own is very strong.
And it’s good, but sometimes, just sometimes, when we give up the “I” and give the “We” a chance, our achievements are awesome.
The kind of achievements that we could never have attained on our own.

Here at Irit Hayon Studio, we are great believers in teamwork.
We know this synergy has the ability to reach amazing insights

that will give your brand a genuine competitive edge.

Therefore, all the departments at the studio are involved in all of the branding processes.
The strategy, creative, design, marketing and business development departments,
and of course the client, all think all together.

This meeting of the minds is what leads us, time and time again, to groundbreaking results

Each of us has a unique voice.
And our voice tells the story of our lives.
There are voices that make us want to get closer.
There are those that make us want to run away.
There are voices that are engraved in the soul. 
There are voices that take us back to places we have long forgotten
And there are voices that make us fall in love.

Listen for a moment.
Maybe you’ll hear a voice that will make you think.

Here at Irit Hayon Studio, we believe that every brand should speak
in its own unique voice, which expresses its special character,
in order for us to understand it and, more importantly, to understand what it has to say.

Our Business Development and Strategy Department
has the capabilities to help your brand find its unique voice and character
and make everyone listen to what it has to say

To think. To open. To look. Differently. To fear. To dare. To invade. To hope. To understand.
To know. To try. To search. To do. To believe.
To succeed

Here at Irit Hayon Studio we believe that everything begins with innovative thinking.
Our development teams always make sure to find fascinating and innovative solutions,
state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking conceptual thinking,
in order to make your brand truly innovative.

The kind that could transform existing markets and create new markets.